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Trevor Wear

Trevor Wear


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Born in Edmonton, AB Canada 1983


​Trevor Wear is an apiring young photographer based out of the Edmonton region.  With a keen eye and a passion with finding new ways to show off his talents; he loves the art of taking a photo.


Trevor has a variety of interests that keep him busy. During the summers as a long time Dragon Boater he has travelled all over the world to compete; with competitions ranging from the Commonwealth races in Malaysia to the World Championships in China to regattas all across North America. Outside of paddling he enjoys and competes at hockey over the winter and playing video games all year round.


As a side venture Trevor likes organizing events and fundraisers. Most noticeable he responsible to one of Edmonton's growing summer events called Mayhem which is a fund raiser for the Edmonton Stollery Childrens Hospital that is put on in the fashion of a "half way to Halloween" party. The event featuring local artists and DJs with costume contests. The event has currently raised over $2000 for its charity.

As a Photographer, Trevor has established himself in the Edmonton community as someone who brings fun and creativity to his craft. He has grown a reputation as an artist with his camera; including being featured as an artist with the international company RAW at an artist showcase and experience in working with a variety of other talented artists such as fashion designers, hair and make-up artists and internationally published models. With a wide range of work from corporate advertising to weddings to award shows to graduations; Trevor continues to follow his passion and grow his skills.


Trevor Wear


Edmonton AB Canada

​Call or Text 780 - 504 - 3734


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